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Water infiltration monitoring

External discharges in drainage systems lead to considerable operational problems of the plant (pumps, sewage treatment plant, etc.), to higher costs in urban drainage and can contribute to significant water pollution.

External water discharges are for example

  • misconnections of rainwater pipes to sewers
  • misconnections of sewers to rainwater pipes
  • external water discharges in mixed and dirty water channels as well as in
  • leaky and broken lines and channels.

The Optical Radar System (ORS)


The ORS system is optimized for the localization of external water discharges.

The measuring system consists of an optical radar in form of a datalogger and a fibre optic sensor cable. The sensor cable is pulled from the shaft into the mixed sewer system to be monitored and connected to the optical radar. The ORS system measures the temperature along the measuring cable with a local accuracy in the cm range and with a measuring time by seconds.

The use of the ORS system enables comprehensive monitoring of drainage systems in order to permanently counteract the discharge/infiltration of waste water and to avoid additional costs.

Our offer

  • Renting of ORS components
  • Development and production of customized solutions (e.g. weather station)

Our service

  • Project support
  • Commissioning
  • Evaluation and survey report
  • Presentation of the measured results


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